indieWIRE continues its monthly series with Apple Store - SoHo that presents indie film professionals discussing various aspects of the filmmaking process. On Thursday, June 8th, (7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m) Actress Amy Sedaris and Director Paul Dinello will discuss their feature film, "Strangers With Candy," a prequel to the critically acclaimed Comedy Central television series. The film is the tale of Jerri Blank, a forty-seven year old ex-con, junky whore who decides to return home after thirty-two years as a runaway. Sedaris and Dinello will discuss the development of the film, adapting the small screen to the big screen, and their creative process. The event will be moderated by NewFest Director Basil Tsiokos. For more details visit indieWIRE Calendar.