Adam Scott, Rob Lowe and Amy Poehler in 'Parks and Recreation'
Colleen Hayes/NBC Adam Scott, Rob Lowe and Amy Poehler in 'Parks and Recreation'

"Parks and Recreation" fans flocked to our recap of the show's Paleyfest panel, making it one of the most read stories of the year. Elsewhere on the site, our annual Cannes Wish List was a reader favorite this week, as was a post by a Christian critic who urged fellow Christians to embrace films like "Nymphomaniac" and "The Wolf of Wall Street." Read these stories and more below:

1. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Make Out Every Season and Other Fun Facts from 'Parks and Recreation' at Paleyfest

Almost every cast member showed up for a panel discussion of NBC's long-running sitcom.

2. Cannes Wish List: 40 Films We Hope Make The Festival's 2014 Lineup

Cannes is a sort of annual cinematic Olympics, with almost every country vying for spots in the official selection. But with the official 2014 Cannes Film Festival announcement a little over a month away, Indiewire is offering its annual Cannes wish list.

3. It's Time to Vote for Project of the Year!: Send One Film to the Tribeca Industry

You've been voting all year -- now help your favorite project get an opportunity at a spot in the Tribeca Film Institute’s Filmmaker and Industry Meetings at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. Last year's Project of the Year winner, "Dear White People," premiered to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival where writer-director Justin Simien won a Special Jury Prize.

4. A Christian Critic Defends 'Wolf' and 'Nymphomaniac': 'These movies tell the truth'

With the release of the classic bible-story film "Noah" next week, Christians are gearing up to head to the theater. Between the close scrutiny the film has already received and the debates as to how much it aligns with the Bible, religious audiences are eager to weigh in on how much truth is here, and just how much accolade the epic merits.

5. This Documentary Executive Produced By Brad Pitt is Struggling at the Box Office. Here's Why.

"Big Men" should have been one of the year's biggest documentaries.

6. Watch: Patton Oswalt Gives His Best McConaughey Impression in 'True Detective' Parody Video

Patton Oswalt is a committed fan. Be it "Star Wars," independent film, or -- as illustrated in the brilliant video clip below -- "True Detective."

7. Hannah Has Her Most Awful Moment Yet On 'Girls'

Check out our recap/review of "I Saw You," this week's episode of "Girls," featuring guest stars Patti LuPone, Louise Lasser and more.

8. Please, 'Veronica Mars,' Think Like a Fan

The founders of VHX, the direct-to-fan distribution platform that also works with Kickstarter to fulfill digital download promises to backers, respond to the technical problems fans faced while trying to download their "free" digital copy of "Veronica Mars."

9. Watch: Martin Freeman Tries Out His Minnesota Accent In The First Trailer for FX's 'Fargo'

After a slew of more abstract, mood-setting teasers, FX has finally released its first trailer for "Fargo," its new limited series inspired by (but not a remake of) the great Coen brothers film.

10. The Awesomely Punk Rock Filmography of Jello Biafra

With Jello Biafra appearing on "Portlandia," we checked in with the Dead Kennedys frontman to talk about his very eclectic acting career.