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Indiewire's Ultimate Guide for Screenwriters

By Indiewire | Indiewire December 30, 2013 at 2:17PM

We know it already: Everyone's got a script. But does everyone have a good script? Check out these tips to honing your script into something worth making, and best of luck getting your words onto the big screen!
Nicolas Cage in "Adaptation"
Nicolas Cage in "Adaptation"

We know it already:  Everyone's got a script.  But does everyone have a good script?  Check out these tips to honing your script into something worth making, and best of luck getting your words onto the big screen!

Attention Aspiring Screenwriters: How to Get Noticed By Top Industry Executives and Talent Representatives

ScreenCraft announces its first annual 2013 Screenwriting Fellowship contest presented by Celtx for which it is currently accepting screenplay submissions until January 15 with the possibility of being granted a major leap into the industry as a screenwriter.  

8 Questions about Agents Every Screenwriter Wants Answered Right Now

In this adapted excerpt from Chad Gervich's book "How to Manage Your Agent," a number of seasoned literary agents offer their advice on the dynamics of working with an agent from asking for feedback to reconciling differences on a given project. 


In this article originally printed by the London-based script doctors Film Doctor, the notion that having multiple projects spanning multiple genres in order to be ready for whatever comes your way is deconstructed and reversed as a practice especially detrimental to your screenwriting craft. 

8 Writing Tips From Screenwriting Masters Larry Gross, Naomi Foner, Henry Bean and Andrea Arnold

Veteran award-winning screenwriters Henry Bean, Larry Gross and Naomi Foner talk about their craft and tricks of the trade, along with Filmmaker in Residence Andrea Arnold at the Story Creation and the Artistic Process panel. 

Six Second Screenplay Tips from Screenwriter Brian Koppelman (on Vine!)

In a series of six second clips screenwriter Brian Koppelman shares his tips on a series on a variety of screenwriting-related points of interest from fighting writer's block to structuring your story. 

Get Screenwriting Tips From Tony Gilroy, Susannah Grant, David S. Goyer and More in BAFTA's "How I Write" Video Series

BAFTA presents a series of videos entitled "How I Write," featuring established Hollywood screenwriters like Tony Gilroy, Peter Morgan and Richard Curtis on drafting, re-drafting and the working processes and trials and tribulations of screenwriting.  

How Screenwriters Can Hand Actors a Script They Can Sink Their Teeth Into

Mark Tapio Kines, author of online course Screenwriting Fundamentals, discusses in depth how to beef individual character roles and present future actors and actresses with the promise of an engaging, inspiring roles. 


Attention Screenwriters: Why Your Script Needs Suspense, No Matter What the Genre

Mark Tapio Kines argues convincingly on the absolute necessity of suspense in driving a script's narrative forward. 


How to Develop a Pitch: An Excerpt from 'The Hollywood Pitching Bible'

Douglas Eboch and Ken Aguado give Indiewire an exclusive excerpt insight into their joint book "The Hollywood Pitching Bible" on the practical qualities of constructing a pitch tailored for a hollywood audience. 

How One Writer Turned a Love for Writing Into an Oscar- and Emmy-Award Winning Career: Exclusive Excerpt from 'Traffic' Screenwriter Stephen Gaghan

Stephen Gaghan discusses how he moved from short story to screenwriting and how the long inspiring process unfolded in an excerpt from "Final Craft: Screenwriting." 

Here's How to Write Sci-Fi Scripts: Answering 'What If?,' 'When?' and 'Where?'

An excerpt from Robert Grant's book on determining the what, when, hows of writing a story in the otherwise limitlessly imaginative realm of science fiction story telling. 

Don't Tell Mom How 'Babysitter' Ends: Neil Landau's Tips for a Perfect Conclusion to Your Script

An excerpt from Neil Landau's "The Screenwriter's Roadmap: 21 Ways to Jumpstart Your Story" examines closely and analytically the intricacies of crafting arguably the most challenging and yet significant part of any story: the conclusion.

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