The always unpredictable, always fascinating David Lynch has made a film inspired by a little character called Red Button Man and the New York band Interpol.

The members of Interpol describe their meeting to establish the collaboration on the Huffington Post, where the video debuted:

With all of us facing forward at a blank screen, there was much neck-craning. We told him our ideas and what we were up to, and he volunteered he had a little character that perhaps we'd find interesting. "I Touch A Red Button Man," was his name. He was literally just a sketch on a sheet of paper.

"Say no more!" was our prompt reply.

"What's say we send you a track -- you give it a listen-to, and maybe The Red Button Man can appear with us onstage somehow, and push his red button?"

We decided to send him our song "Lights" which we usually perform under red lights -- as it seemed a fitting match. And thus this short clip was born.

The experimental short (not a music video) was originally a complement to the band's Coachella performance of the song.

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