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An image from Himanshu Vora's "fenetre."

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Tweetable Logline:

Help make a movie about nine year old Indian girl Pinky, who escapes the claws of child marriage by fleeing home through her window.

Elevator Pitch:

This is a movie about a nine year old Indian girl Pinky, who escapes the claws of child marriage by fleeing home through her window. Her freedom inspires a fresh courage and she promises to never return home, determined to find herself a better future. She encounters several hurdles in her journey but her will prevails over each one and she keeps moving forward, seeking her safe haven. A parallel incidental quest is her camel, given away by her father as dowry. During her adventure, she meets a French woman, and they change each others' lives forever.

Production Team:

Director: Himanshu Vora
Writer: Sudip Sharma
Executive Producer: Amish Gandhi
Music: Vasuda Sharma
Sound: Harikumar Pillai
Director of Photography: Satya Prakash Rath
Visual Effects: Vasanthan Jayarajan
Production Designer: Sukant Panigrahy & Helen Jones
Cast: Ankur Vikal ("Slumdog Millionaire")

About the Production:

"My main motivation has been from the time I visited Rajasthan and saw and heard the real stories there, they moved me to an extent that when I was back in Mumbai, I knew this is the movie I want to make come what may. And that is how I got started with this project. There are some stories that just don't leave you and this is one of them. If art can bring in a social change, I hope this one does it." -- Himanshu Vora

Current Status:

The film is in the pre-production stage.

For more information and to support this film:

Kickstarter Page
Production Company Website

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