iPOP at Outfest 2003

by Jonny Leahan and Brian Brooks/indieWIRE

indieWIRE contributor Jonny Leahan went on the scene for a guest iPOP at Outfest, which took place in Los Angeles July 8th through 19th. The festive fest continued its spirited antics again this year with the opening of "Party Monster." On hand to celebrate were directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato along with stars Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green as well as club kid James St. James who penned the book on which the film is based. Also celebrating at the Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Film Festival was popular personality Bruce Vilanch, who hosted the event's awards night ceremony, director Darren Stein with a posse of subtle friends, the Outfest crew and Momma.

Outside at the opening night of Outfest for their L.A. debut of "Party Monster," co-directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, with star Seth Green and "Disco Bloodbath" author (and one of the film's subjects) James St. James in the middle.

Photo credit: Jonny Leahan

"Party Monster" star Macaulay Culkin with producer Jon Marcus giving their smiley best.

Photo credit: Jonny Leahan/ © indieWIRE

Hangin' at the opening, six-time Grammy winner Mervyn Warren, Peter Gadol with boyfriend Stephen Gutwillig (Outfest executive director) and board member Scott Maziroff.

Photo credit: Jonny Leahan/ © indieWIRE

Opening night had a gala party following the screening, then an "after-party" on the roof at the downtown Standard Hotel. Hanging out at the 'after' is director Darren Stein ("Put the Camera on Me") with a few of his friends.

Photo Credit: Jonny Leahan

Tribeca Film Festival programmer David Kwok, Outfest's Jonathon Aubrey, producer John Marcus, Robert Wood and Hamptons Film Festival programmer Rajendra Roy partying down.

Photo credit: Jonny Leahan/ © indieWIRE

Awards ceremony MC Bruce Vilanch who left the crowd in hysterics. Vilanch admitted he could be more racy, bringing out all the material that he couldn't use for the Academy Awards with the assembled crowd.

Photo Credit: Jonny Leahan

Momma (Worthie Meacham) whose card says, "actress, hostess, saint..." holding court with Outfest's Eric Rosoff, NewFest head Basil Tsiokos and fellow NewFester, Adam Kersh at club Beige at Falcon. Momma handed statuettes at the Outfest award ceremony earlier that evening.

Photo credit: Jonny Leahan/ © indieWIRE

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