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iPOP at the 2002 Holiday Parties

WHO: ContentFilm, Fine Line, the Tribeca Film Center, P.R. Firm Falco Ink, new production company Dirty Rice and the Independent Feature Project (IFP) along with members from the New York film community.

WHAT: Holiday parties (and one launch party)

WHEN: December, 2002

WHERE: New York, NY

Everyone got down and let loose at the ContentFilm party. Pictured here at the big sha-bang is Open City's Joana Vicente (left) with ContentFilm's Ed Pressman, his son (center), Open City's Jason Kliot and filmmaker Larry Fessenden.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

P.R. firm Falco Ink held their soiree on a crazy-rainy night in Midtown with the party crowd arriving a little wet but undeterred. Pictured are the Falco folks: Erin Bruce, Gary Hill, Steve Beeman, Janice Roland and Shannon Treusch.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

Exiting the Tribeca Film Center party on to the next hurrah, Wellspring's Marie-Therese Guirgis, writer Andrea Meyer, Ryan Werner formerly of Magnolia, and Magnolia Pictures chief Eammon Bowles.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

Enjoying the Content party, "Evenhand" writer Mike Jones with one of the film's stars, Bill Dawes.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

U.A.'s Jack Turner and IDP Samuel Goldwyn's Tom Quinn having good times at Content.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

Independent Feature Project head Michelle Byrd with exec. asst. Will Wheeler enjoying the fun at the holiday for their organization at the IFP offices.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

"Roger Dodger" producer Anne Chaisson and new partner Eddy Moody celebrate the opening of their new production company, Dirty Rice.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

In from London, Content International sales exec. Harry White gives a grin in search of Father Christmas.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

indieWIRE co-founder Mark Rabinowitz(left) , and's Rufus Griscom (right) and Alisa Volkman & mojito (center) at the Fine Line Holiday bash.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks

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