iPOP at the Sundance Film Festival 2003, Vol. 5

by Brian Brooks

Oscar winning actor Dustin Hoffman hangs out in Park City to promote his latest film "Confidence" by James Foley.

Photo Credit: Caroline Wells / © indieWIRE

Patricia Clarkson basks in the sun on Main Street on a warm Monday afternoon promoting "The Station Agent" by Tom McCarthy.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks / © indieWIRE

Fab trio CoCo Peru, Evie Harris and Varla Jean Merman are all dressed and ready to paint Park City red. The three are in town for their film, "Girls Will Be Girls" by Richard Day.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks / © indieWIRE

Slamdance co-founders Paul Rachman and Dan Mirvish party it up at the "Milk and Honey" soiree.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks / © indieWIRE

Taking it all in after a dinner with friends from IFC and the indieWIRE folks, The Hollywood Reporter's Ian Mohr and Chris Gardner strike a pose at Lakota.

Photo Credit: Brian Brooks / © indieWIRE

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