iPOP at the Sundance Film Festival, Volume 12

by Brian Brooks/indieWIRE

So finally folks....Here's the last and final installment of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival iPOP. Along with one of Monday's iPOPs, many of the photos are from various events during the fest that were not used at the time. Also included are some shots after the official awards ceremony inside the Racquet Club in Park City after the official show ended, as well as at parties that followed. The photos were limited from the after parties, however, since it was nearly impossible to get a drink due to the crowds. After a busy two weeks straight of long hours of working (OK, there were movies and fun to be had too), a few cocktails were necessary...

Main Street was blitzed with Sundancers running up and down the street, including celebs (often doing photo shoots or interviews on balconies), people standing in lines getting into parties or that annoying Harry O's trying to see a show, spilling out into the street, as well as Sundance (or Slamdance) directors and actors coming and going taking deep breaths when walking up the street in the thin mountain air (assuming you are without limo or SUV). In this pic, "The Yes Men" subjects Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum (right) were in transit from a photo shoot in which they got down in the buff in a jacuzzi. On Main Street, they were clad well for the weather.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

United Artists held a party for "The Yes Men," directed by Chris Smith, Dan Ollman, and Sarah Price off Main Street in the latter half of the fest. Although two out of three of them have been recent iPOPers, this pic is too cute to pass up. From left to right are U.A.'s Ed Corcoran, Mary Ann Hult, and Jack Turner.

Photo credit: Eugene Hernandez/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

Many still in Park City toward the end of the fest clamored for a pic to "The Hunting of the President," based on the novel by Gene Lyons and Joe Conason on the partisan campaign to destroy the Clintons' legacy. Arriving at the theater prior to the screening are directors Harry Thomason (left) and Nickolas Perry.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

At one of the many many parties, RD Robb (left), one of the producers of "One Point O," directed by Jeff Renfroe and Marteinn Thorsson (the filmmakers are one of this year's Variety's 10 to Watch) and Shari Roman, director of "ADM: DOP," the short doc on "Dogville" cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle. The short film was picked up by the Sundance Channel, and will air in late February/March.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

iPOP on Monday showed images of the Sundance Awards ceremony during the event, but the following images include pics taken after the event and from parties that followed. At the event held at the Racquet Club in Park City, "The Corporation" screenwriter Joel Bakan and co-director Mark Achbar (co-director Jennifer Abbott had already left) following the ceremony. The film won the doc audience prize in the world cinema section.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

Outside in the frigid air after winning the documentary directing award, Morgan Spurlock ("Super Size Me") with his girlfriend (and "cast" member) Alex Jamieson going off to one of the final night parties near Main Street.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

Filmmaker Ryan Fleck, at Mulberry Street restaurant for one of the Sundance Awards after parties. Earlier, Fleck shared the jury prize in short filmmaking for his film, "Gowanus, Brooklyn." The event at Mulberry Street was jammed (along with other venues participating as hosts of the "official after party"). Some partygoers complained that it took up to an hour to get a drink at the bar.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

Hanging at the after-party at Easy Street, "Lbs." director Matthew Bonafacio (right) with actors Carmine Famiglietti, and Michael Aronov and Miriam Shor having a good time...

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

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