iPOP at the Toronto International Film Festival (Part 4)

by Brian Brooks and Wendy Mitchell/indieWIRE

The Sundance Channel held a party Tuesday evening for its Sundance Film Series film "In This World." Party-goers including director Michael Winterbottom who is also in town with "Code 46." Also shot in iPOP is actor William H. Macy who came to Toronto for "The Cooler" by Wayne Kramer. Michael Pitt flew up to Toronto for the screening of his latest, "Rhinoceros Eyes," in which he is the lead, and posed with co-star Gale Harold who lives in Toronto where he shoots his regular series, "Queer as Folk." And, members of the New York film commmunity are hanging out at parties in Toronto during this year's festival.

At the Sundance Film Series party honoring Michael Winterbottom's powerful refugee drama "In this World," left to right: casting director Wendy Brazington, producer Gina Carter, producer Andrew Eaton, Winterbottom, Sundance Channel's Paola Freccero (senior VP of film programming), and Sundance Channel's Christian Vesper (VP of acquisitions). The shockingly prolific Winterbottom also has another new film, the futuristic drama "Code 46," playing in Toronto.

Photo credit: Wendy Mitchell/ © indieWIRE

William H. Macy came to town with his sexy starring role in the Vegas romance "The Cooler," from first-time director Wayne Kramer. After Kramer introduced a screening by praising his stars' bravery in the steamy sex scenes, Maria Bello flaunted her clingy dress while Macy dropped his pants to show off his legs (although he didn't give the crowd a glimpse at anything X-rated).

Photo credit: Wendy Mitchell/ © indieWIRE

Cuties Michael Pitt and Gale Harold in Toronto for their feature "Rhinoceros Eyes" by Aaron Woodley looking stylish at the party for the film.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

Outfest head Stephen Gutwillig, Mike Krueger and Carl Spence, the new programmer for the Palm Springs International Film Festival hanging at the "Rhinoceros Eyes" party.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

Lawyer Stephen Beer and Sundance director of programming John Cooper in Toronto giving a smile.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

Kodak's Anne Hubbell and Moira Griffin of Pipedream Productions taking some time out for an afternoon drink at Bistro 990.

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

indieWIRE editors Wendy Mitchell and Brian Brooks at some party somewhere in Toronto having wine (of course) posing for a pic before hunting down victims to shoot for iPOP.

Photo credit: Eugene Hernandez/ © indieWIRE (shot on the Kodak LS443)

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