Cannes Classics, the festival program designed to highlight re-discovered cinema, restored prints and theatrical or DVD re-releases of classic films, has announced their program for the 60th Cannes Film Festival and as might be predicted, it's a doozy. The program is broken down in to three sections: 3 Events, 4 documentaries on filmmaking and screenings 10 restored films. The events include the launch of the World Cinema Foundation, a celebration of the centenary of John Wayne and a celebration of Laurence Olivier's directorial work on three Shakespeare plays. Films being screened include: "Hondo (3D)" (John Farrow, USA, 1953), "Rio Bravo" (Howard Hawks, USA, 1959), "Hamlet," "Henry V," Richard III" (Laurence Olivier, Great Britain, 1948, 1944, 1955), "Brando" (Leslie Greif and Mimi Friedman, USA, 2007), "Israel Why" (Claude Lanzmann, Italy-France, 1972), "Mikey and Nicky" (Elaine May, USA, 1976), "Escape From Yesterday" (Julien Duvivier, France, 1935), "The Garden of the Finzi Continis" (Vittorio de Sica, Italy, 1970), "Suspiria" (Dario Argento, Italy, 1977), "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" (Lotte Reiniger, Germany, 1926), "Dracula" (Terence Fisher, England, 1958) and "Yo Yo" (Pierre Etaix, no date or country listed). A full lineup can be found on the Cannes website. [Mark Rabinowitz]