Independent production/distribution company Cinema Libre Studios has finalized a pact with French auteur Jean Jacques Beineix for U.S. rights for eight of his films including docs and shorts. The company's acquisition includes all US rights to the following titles, as well as the Director’s Cut of “Betty Blue’,” "Mortal Transfer" (Comedy/Thriller, 2001), "Locked-In Syndrome" (Documentary, 1997), "Otaku" (Documentary, 1994), "IP5: The Island of Pachyderms" (Drama,1992), "Roselyne and the Lions" (Drama, 1989), "Betty Blue" (Drama, 1986), "The Moon in the Gutter" (Drama, 1983), "The Dog of Mr. Michel" (Drama, short, 1977 also known as 'Le Chien de Monsieur Michel’). The company has recently produced "The End of Poverty?" which premiered this year during the Cannes Film Festival and has been selected to fourteen international festivals with a March 2009 theatrical release planned. [Brian Brooks]