Focus Features' Africa First Program, an initiative earmarked exclusively for emerging filmmakers of African nationality and residence, has announced the five filmmakers being awarded $10,000 apiece. Earlier this year, Focus offered participating filmmakers the chance to be awarded the financing for production and/or post-production on their narrative short film made in continental Africa and tapping the resources of the film industry there. The winning filmmakers are Edouard Bamporiki (Rwanda), Jenna Bass (South Africa), Jan-Hendrik Beetge (South Africa), Dyana Gaye (Senegal), and Wanuri Kahiu (Kenya). "Given the response to our program, there was no shortage of new talent to choose from," said Focus CEO James Schamus in a statement. "The final five have great stories to tell that are original in every respect, but what was even more impressive were the scores and scores of other strong projects we were unfortunately not able to help - this time." [Peter Knegt]