Shooting Gallery and Film Movement founder Larry Meistrich has launched Nehst Media Enterprises, a new film production, financing and distribution company. He will head the outfit with Ari D. Friedman and the two will be in Cannes with their new company. Nehst Media, pronounced "next" (from the old English spelling of Next), is aimed at producing everything from feature films and television to web content and other "unique spin off products and services," in the words of an annoucement by Meistrich. Joining Meistrich and Friedman on the Nehst team are producer Dana Offenbach, president of the production group, former Miramax and Focus Features executive Bill Keys as president of production, and Fusion Media founder Jeff Silverstein as head of the web content and the company's consumer network. Additional details on the company's plans are set to be announced over the coming weeks, according to a company spokesman. [Eugene Hernandez]