The Gyeonggi province, which is the center of Korean commerce, is launching an investment fund and comprehensive production support program to promote joint ventures between the Hollywood and Korean entertainment communities. The announcement was made today by Byung Heon Kim, President of Gyeonggi Digital Content Agency (GDCA). Hollywood production companies and content creators, especially those working in animation and visual effects, are eligible to apply for the program when partnering with a Korean entity. Selected partners will benefit from a growing investment fund as well as production and post-production support services in "Hallyuwood," an entertainment complex in the northern Gyeonggi. "The U.S. is widely recognized as having the strongest and most robust system for producing and distributing films, broadcast programming and videogames to a global audience," said GDCA's Kim in a statement. "Our entertainment fund will unite this great Hollywood expertise with Korean creativity and technical know-how to produce new content for all to enjoy." [Peter Knegt]