Koch Lorber's Richard Lorber and production outfit Hidden Treasures Productions, Inc are launching Lorber HT Digital, a new specialized documentary distribution company. Lorber will remain at Koch Lorber and Chairman of the Board of Film Forum while serving as the president and CEO of the new company. Lorber HT Digital will initially focus on secular spirituality, in the words of an announcement, "stimulating and intelligent 'aha!' titles - programs dwelling in a terrain of inquiry between belief and reason - in the domains of mind, spirit, culture and the frontiers of science." The company will emphasize targeted distribution via digital delivery, direct-to-consumer DVDs, and traditional retail video outlets.

Lorber was the co-founder and head of Fox Lorber, which he later merged into WinStar TV and Video. As Co-Chairman of that company, he acquired Wellspring Media, specializing in the spirituality area, and released Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth" and the Mystic Fire collection. The Wellspring label was later acquired by Genius Products, which was subsequently acquired by The Weinstein Company. [Eugene Hernandez]