Rainbow Media, owner of IFC, Sundance Channel, AMC and others, is launching Sundance Selects, a new On Demand service -- heavily focused on non-fictions films -- that will include some day & date VOD/theatrical distribution. Guided by Sundance Institute head Robert Redford, the VOD outlet for new films will be accessible to some 70 million VOD-enabled households. Sundance Selects will sit somewhere in between Rainbow's existing IFC in Theaters, which offers day & date VOD/theatrical releases of new films, and Festival Direct offering VOD exclusive premieres. More than 50% of the Sundance Selects titles will be documentaries, according to Rainbow. "Many of the markets we now reach have never had a theater that plays these films, but our experience shows that there are independent film fans everywhere," said Rainbow President and CEO Josh Sapan, in a statement today, "We believe that the transactional gross for many of these independent films will surpass even DVD grosses within a few short years, because of the economics of releasing a film theatrically." [Eugene Hernandez] EDITORS NOTE: iW's Eugene Hernandez will moderate today's Independent Film Week Q & A with Josh Sapan at 11:30 a.m. at F.I.T.