CAA's Bart Walker has joined Cinetic Media as a partner effective immediately, founder John Sloss officially announced Thursday. Concurrent with Walker's arrival, Cinetic will launch Cinetic Management, a talent management division. Walker, who joins Sloss and Robert Nathan as a partner in Cinetic Media, spent the last three years at CAA in New York. "We share a passion for representation in broad terms and feel we are at an inflection point in the way films are financed, produced and distributed. "We see Cinetic as a new kind of service company, one that will create innovative structures that benefit filmmakers as well as financiers so that their creative and economic goals are realized," commented Sloss in a statement. "Filmmakers and financiers have an unprecedented opportunity to take greater control of the process, from creation to consumption." For more background on this story, visit The Hollywood Reporter's coverage from Gregg Goldstein. [Brian Brooks]