As I Lay Dying, James Franco

Looking forward to seeing James Franco's film adaptation of the classic Faulkner novel, "As I Lay Dying" in theaters? Seems you won't have your chance because the film, which premiered at Cannes last year, will be going straight to iTunes, VOD, iVOD and DVD, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Directed and co-written by Franco (along with Matt Rager), the film also stars Tim Blake Nelson, Danny McBride, Logan Marshall-Green and Ahna O'Reilly.  It was originally slated to open theatrically on Sept. 27, but instead, Millenium will release the film directly on iTunes on Oct. 22, and on VOD/iVOD and DVD on Nov. 5.

Given the challenging source material about an impoverished Mississippi family struggling to give its recently deceased matriarch an appropriate burial, it's not entirely surprising that the film won't be hitting theaters. In his review of the film from Cannes, Boyd van Hoeij wrote, "Given that the original novel has multiple narrators (15 in total over the course of 59 chapters) and is told in a stream-of-consciousness style, fragmenting the on-screen space seems like a justifiable choice, if clearly something that most audiences will have to learn to least adjust to."

Still, with a recognizable title (that starts with the letter 'A') and Franco's star power, the film should fare well on digital platforms.

Check out the trailer for the film below: