James Franco is Directing a Documentary About Porn Site Kink.com Because He's James Franco
James Franco on Conan O'Brien, August 9, 2011.

James Franco's latest project is making a documentary about BDSM and fetish porn site Kink.com. [Warning: Link is oh so very NSFW].

On "Conan" to promote "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," Franco doesn't mention the Kink.com site by name. However, he briefly describes the project: "I'm making a documentary about pornography," he said. "There's this amazing facility in San Francisco. It's at this old armory and they do everything in house, they build their props in house, so I'm making a documentary about that."

Kink.com was formed in 1997 by Peter Acworth while he was earning his PhD in finance at Columbia University. When the site became successful, he dropped out of the program. Kink.com bought the San Francisco Armory in 2006 for $14.5 million for use as a production studio, despite local protests and opposition from mayor Gavin Newsom. The city later ruled that Kink.com didn't violate any laws or zoning requirements.

Presumably, TBS (and 20th Century Fox) wouldn't want Kink.com sharing in their airtime. However, Kink.com may also be trying to keep the project under wraps. A tweet from Kink.com actress rain degrey from June 26 read: "Kink.com is all aflutter today because James Franco is here shooting his new movie. All these girls want to f*ck him! lol." However, the tweet was later deleted.

Franco told Conan O'Brien that he's long had an interest in porn and those who make it, but quickly learned that it wasn't one of his talents after he and a girlfriend shot footage of themselves having sex.

"We were like, 'Yeah, let's never watch that again,'" he told O'Brien. "Those people in pornos, they're great performers. They're selling it to an audience. My girlfriend and I didn't know that, so there was just this weird movement. That's not sexy at all. That's really, like, boring."

At this point, nothing's surprising in Franco's endless parade of side projects, but is this one you'd watch? Or have you burned out on the Francophilia?

Here's the clip from "Conan." The porn discussion starts around 3:20.

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