Buried in the lineup for the 46th Annual Karlovy Vary Film Festival was an announcement that John Malkovich will hold a fashion show for Technobohemian, his "nontraditional" men's clothing line, using top Czech actors as his catwalk models.

Explaining the title on the Technobohemian website, Malkovich says,"'Technobohemian' is a phrase I read in a yet unpublished Italian novel. I lift it with the author's permission and I will endeavor to use it well."

Malkovich, who launched the line in 2009, said in a statement to the film festival:

Sometimes I draw inspiration from the cinema, sometimes I look at people on the street. There is a strong correlation between the job of the designer and the actor who takes on different roles each time transforming itself. I like to experience the transformation even in the clothes we design, every transformation is basically a confirmation that we are constantly being born."

In 2009, Malkovich was honored with the Karlovy Vary Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema.