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by Nigel M Smith
March 10, 2012 1:19 PM
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Joss Whedon Unveils His "Timeless Classic," 'The Cabin in the Woods' at SXSW

"The Cabin in the Woods" premiere at SXSW Nigel M Smith
"We want you to have a good time," said SXSW Film Conference and Festival Producer Janet Pierson, kicking off the event last night with the world premiere of the Joss Whedon-penned post-modern horror blast "The Cabin in the Woods." Judging by the screams, near-constant laughs and whooping applause of the crowd, Pierson got her wish.

The night marked a bittersweet moment for the film, which sat around for three years after it was shelved when original distributor MGM filed for bankruptcy. Lionsgate has since salvaged it, wisely timing its release to coincide with Whedon's blockbuster "The Avengers," opening a month after "Cabin."

Whedon, director/co-writer Drew Goddard and "Cabin" stars Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Anna Hutchison and Kristen Connolly all took part in a Q&A after the screening.

Jenkins poked fun at the delay, saying it took so long to hit theaters "because it stinks."

"I had hair when I made this movie," Whedon added.

As anyone who's seen the trailer can attest, "Cabin" is full of twists, all of which Whedon urged the audience to keep under wraps.

"Words like 'awesome' are totally acceptable. So is 'timeless classic,'" he joked. "I hope that people will talk about it. I just hope that they will go, 'It's really really good' and not say anything else…except 'timeless classic.'"

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