So on another note, is there anything you want to offer up about third season of ‘Veep’?

We’re shooting it now. We’re into season three, Selina has launched a book tour. She’s got a book coming out. We’re going to get these characters outside of Washington a lot because there’s going to be a lot of pre-campaigning campaigning.

Speaking of getting out of Washington, the Denmark episode is one of my favorite episodes of television in a long time.

I’m so glad you liked that. It was a really fun one to do. How good is Sally Phillips? She’s crazy great.

She’s amazing. So is Dave Foley.


Anyway, so I guess finally, I know you've done some filmmaking of your own. You directed short film that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year. Do you want to continue working on that side of the camera and I wondered if Nicole had any sort of influence on your own ambitions as a filmmaker?

Yeah I do. First of all, I love the film festival circuit. I think there’s something about it, I don’t know. Maybe I am being Pollyanna-ish about this but it’s an opportunity to be very supportive of filmmakers and there's just this goodwill which I love.

And a sense of community. Here in Toronto it is perhaps a little too epic to feel that but it’s still here.

It’s still there and I’ve been to a few now -- well you’ve probably been to many because you kind of live it. But I think it’s amazing and it feels like the best of what film has to offer. Even if something’s not good there’s an earnestness to trying to get it out there and seen that I love. So yeah, I want to do more of this. I’m a little bit tired at this moment, but I do.

Are you also going to continue acting in films again or was this maybe a one off?

No. I’ll probably do a few more. I would like to continue. Assuming the right part comes along and right script. It’s not like you can just pluck it off trees.

Especially something like this. This is pretty rare role for..

A woman of my age? Yeah, exactly.

Well, I certainly hope they come along or maybe Nicole can just put you in every single one of her movies.

I would have no problem with that.

Catherine Keener seems to be up for it.