When did you know the film was complete?

I was worried from day one what was I doing, where it was going, because it seemed open-ended. I always knew there would be a "chapter close" if they were kicked out of the park. So of course we were there for that, we got to see that, and then I figured, where is everyone? What's next? The media seemed important. From my perspective, the media seems rather comfortable with themselves.

"I decided to make a movie quick and short to show people what's going on."
I was always aware that the film may not have an ending. It didn't matter. The media team created a story that would continue with or without Zuccoti. They created a new  
media powerhouse from nothing. Once Zuccoti ended, they kept working, writing, filming, texting, tweeting, live streaming. Now, they are roaring back for spring with much more. They are not afraid to work.

That seems relevant to your distribution plan, since you're bypassing a conventional release model by streaming the movie online.

I will not even waste my time going to a studio or TV network. I had a movie out a year ago, "Living for 32," which was on Showtime and short-listed for an Academy Award. It was at film festivals like Sundance, all that. OWS invented their own distribution technique, putting out their own newspaper, using wifi hotspots in the park. I realized to myself that we have to stay in the whole spirit of the idea of just getting it out.

I don't care if we plaster it all over Facebook. OWS has done a good job of being accountable for what they're done. I decided to make a movie quick and short to show people what's going on.

Watch the trailer for "#whilewewatch" here:

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