The Last Of Robin Hood

"I've lived every day as if it were my last," explains Kevin Kline in the new trailer for his latest film, "The Last of Robin Hood," in which he portrays the famous playboy and Robin Hood actor Errol Flynn. The film, primarily a comedy with hints of melodrama, was written and directed by regular collaborators Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland ("Quinceañera"). 

The much younger Dakota Fanning shows up as his young muse and love interest Beverly, in whose unpromising acting career Flynn invests at the price of his own. Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon plays Beverly's equally invested, though with less to lose, fame-hungry mother. This is not a new story— an older, more powerful man having an obsessive affair with a young potential starlet, with the inevitable ensuing drama of jealousy and deception. Yet, "Robin Hood" takes a much lighter tone, particularly by casting the reliably comical Kline and Sarandon and focusing on Hollywood parties and posh lifestyles. Read what its first reviewers had to say here.

The film will be in theaters August 29.