King Ripple
"King Ripple"

Per a request from filmmaker Luke Jaden, "King Ripple" has been temporarily removed from the site. Luke Jaden’s "King Ripple" will open the fourth season of KQED’s Film School Shorts this fall. Check back for more information later.

Full of psychedelia, tons of teens and urban sprawls, the Keith Stanfield-starring "King Ripple" is one hell of a short. 

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Clocking in around 10 minutes, young filmmaker Luke Jaden's ambitious short is a disturbing mystery about four teenagers who wander into a (seemingly) abandoned urban junkyard where they clearly don't belong. "King Ripple" is led by rising star Stanfield of "Short Term 12" and "Straight Outta Compton" fame as the titular monarch.

The film's full synopsis reads: "In 1968 Detroit, an unhappy super-being is born. Forget why he’s unhappy. The baby wants to be alone. Lucky for him, anything he imagines comes to be. So he imagines away the doctors, the nurses, and then... the entire population of the city. The result? King Ripple lives alone in the city, the tarantula in its den, imagining whatever he wants, creating new skylines daily, roaming the empty streets upon his flaming throne, situated inside a bathtub on wheels."

You can watch Jaden's short, posted in its entirety for the first time and exclusive to Indiewire, up above.