Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Daniel Auteuil, and Marie-Anne Chazel in "The Well-Digger's Daughter
Kino Lorber Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Daniel Auteuil, and Marie-Anne Chazel in "The Well-Digger's Daughter

Following the stateside success of Daniel Auteuil's "The Well-Digger's Daughter," Kino Lorber has again acquired all U.S. rights to release Auteuil's latest feature film adaptations of Marcel Pagnol's work. The two works are part of an multi-year project to remake films by Pagnol.

"Kino Lorber was the natural choice for the U.S. distribution of Marius and Fanny," wrote Saya Huddleston, VP, Pathé International. "Their track record in giving due exposure to Daniel Auteuil's directorial debut, 'The Well-Digger's Daughter' is excellent. We are thrilled to be teaming up with them again."

Kino Lorber will release both "Marius" and "Fanny" in early 2014, following the theatrical, home video and digital plan established for "The Well-Digger's Daughter."

Here are synopses of the two films, courtesy of Kino.

MARIUS (2013)

This moving love story by Marcel Pagnol is set at the Old Port of Marseille, in the Bar de la Marine, run by César and his son Marius. A dreamer, Marius sees a life for himself on the sea, embarking on one of the many ships that sail by each day heading off to distant horizons. Fanny, a young woman who sells shellfish outside the bar, is secretly in love with Marius (who has always secretly loved her back). When Marius finally gets his chance to go to sea, Fanny plots to keep him back by revealing her love for him and stirring his jealousy with another man who is enamored of her. Marius must struggle between the call of the ocean and his love for Fanny, and risk sacrificing what is most important to him.

FANNY (2013)

Based on the celebrated work by Marcel Pagnol, FANNY tells the story of Marius as he abandons Fanny and runs away to sea, not realizing that she is expecting his child. Fanny finds herself in the dishonorable position of being an unmarried mother, unable to provide for herself and the child. With her mother's blessing, Fanny marries a prosperous shopkeeper in order to provide for the future. However, when Marius finally becomes aware of his profound love for Fanny, he returns home to win back her affections and care for the child, but faces the consequences of his actions when Fanny urges him to stay out of her life for the sake of the child's future and the honor of the family.