In what will be a rare opportunity for American moviegoers to (almost) come face-to-face with Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier, the director (who has never been to the U.S.) will participate in live onscreen Q & A sessions via Apple's video iChat software. IFC and Apple recently offered the first few minutes of Von Trier's IFC Films release, "Manderlay" for download via iTunes. The live discussions will take place on January 28 & 29 at the IFC Center and follow the weekend matinee screenings of the new film; they will also be available for viewing on (the film opens in NYC on January 27th). Additionally, the IFC Center will present "Well-Meaning People Are Dangerous: The Films of Lars von Trier," a week-long retrospective of the filmmaker's 11 feature films and two of his film school shorts, along with other work. [Eugene Hernandez]