Inspiring Creativity panel
'Inspiring Creativity'

In an effort to align itself with creativity, Italian coffee company and Tribeca Film Festival sponsor illy made "Inspiring Creativity," a short video featuring interviews from 21 artists of all mediums from around the world. 

Among these artists are James Franco, director and writer Lee Daniels and renowned film composer and music producer Hans Zimmer, who share what drives them creatively. While Daniels reveals that he is most moved by the intoxicating quality of dance, Franco has a more abstract mindset in terms of what inspires him. "I'm just in my trailer on a movie set. This is my smock and this is my lunch hour," he says. "What I just started doing for the past year or so – I paint the actors in the film. This is a way of generating more work from a single project."

To make the nearly 12-minute long film, illy collaborated with Liberatum, an international organization dedicated to multi-media collaboration. "Inspiration to me is the breeding ground for success in life -- from the molecules in our bodies that trigger pleasure after drinking coffee to the 80 years of passion shared by my family to create and innovate the illy brand," said Andrea Illy, CEO of illycaffé.

Check out the other artists speak about their inspirations in the "Inspiring Creativity" video below.