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Billed as the "first platform for direct producer to public video sales created for social media," Littlecast officially launched today with $2 million in seed funding from a group of technology and entertainment investors. Of course, there are other direct-to-fan video platforms out there, but so far, none of them have integrated so closely with Facebook. Littlecast allows consumers to buy and play videos directly on Facebook and mobile apps. Indie film producers can now sell directly to fans on Facebook without directing users to a third party site.

The platform allows producers to upload their videos to, setting whatever price they want. LittleCast embeds a media player in the producer's newsfeed so their friends and followers can see a 30-second preview and make a purchase. LittleCast handles all distribution and payment, including Facebook Payments, Apple In-App-Purchase, credit cards and PayPal. The company provides analytics and engagement for producers so they can track customer engagement and revenues.

"By building a direct paid channel into Facebook and mobile, LittleCast is distributing our producers' videos where consumers spend time and attention today,” said Amra Tareen, CEO and co-founder of LittleCast.   “Engaging the viral power of Facebook and the immediacy of mobile lets consumers enjoy a more trusted way to discover their videos."

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