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Anticipation runs hot in most movie lovers, and it's no less potent for the people who make, produce, program and publicize the films. Indiewire asked a group of industry players what they were most looking forward to seeing in 2013, and they shared their answers, below.

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TOM BERNARD, co-president, Sony Pictures Classics

The process of finding new films to make and buy for the upcoming year… it’s always new and what we do.

CHARLOTTE COOK, director of programming, Hot Docs

It's an obvious answer, but an honest one -- this year's Hot Docs festival, and for more than one reason. I cherish the discussions our programming team have as we put the festival together. Having a group of people passionately champion films they love is a wonderful experience to be part of. I also absolutely love seeing an audience react to a film and can't wait to experience that on a large scale when the festival takes place. Finally, I can't wait to talk to filmmakers throughout the year about their work. While programming we fall in love with their films and then it's incredible to get to talk to them when we show them. I still clearly remember being a sixteen-year-old never imagining I would ever get to even meet a film director. I feel so very lucky that I get to meet so many that continually inspire me.

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CARA CUSUMANO, programmer, Tribeca Film Festival

New "Arrested Development!"

JEFF DEUTCHMAN, director of acquisitions, IFC Films

1. The return of Jonathan Glazer.
2. Here's my plug: GIMME THE LOOT!

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"I’m looking forward to seeing transmedia artists find ways to surprise all of us who thought we knew the limits of storytelling." - Dade Hayes
NELSON GEORGE, filmmaker, “Brooklyn Boheme”

I'm looking forward to finishing work on an indie film I've been shooting on and off since January 2011. Gotta raise the cash and get it on the festival circuit this year. Toronto, here I come!

DADE HAYES, senior VP, Rubenstein Communications, Inc.

I’m looking forward to seeing the film industry embrace the potential of transmedia and seeing transmedia artists find ways to surprise all of us who thought we knew the limits of storytelling.

EUGENE HERNANDEZ, director of digital strategy, Film Society of Lincoln Center

Early in 2013, a long-awaited return to Columbia, MO, for the 10th edition of the True/False Film Fest.

CHRISTOPHER HORTON, associate director, #ArtistServices, Sundance Institute

I'm looking forward to our #ArtistServices workshop at the Sundance Film Festival -- it'll be on Monday, Jan. 21 from 9am-3pm at the High West -- and having more events like it throughout the year in different locales.

EVAN HUSNEY, producer, Drafthouse Films

I am very much looking forward to working with two separate contemporary filmmakers that I greatly admire.

DOUG JONES, associate director of programming, Los Angeles Film Festival

Looking forward, Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” is both my first- and second-most anticipated screening of 2013. My first screening will no doubt be in a tricked-out, technically perfect hardtop theater (hopefully in del Toro’s preferred 2D version) but then, for my second viewing, I will make a pilgrimage to the rightful home of all giant robot-versus-kaiju monster movies—a drive-in.