"Made In Hong Kong" Wins Spanish Film Fest

by indieWIRE

The Gijon International Film Festival in northern Spain has given its top
prize for Best Film and Best Script to Fruit Chan's "Made In Hong Kong" after
wrapping a week long event late last week. The international jury was
composed of actor Edward Bunker ("Reservoir Dogs"), production designer
Therese DePrez ("I Shot Andy Warhol"), filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn
("Pusher"), production designer Juan Bonilla ("Belle Epoque") and filmmaker
Agustin Villaronga ("Nino De La Luna"). A "Young Jury", a group of fifty
young people aged 17 to 26, gave the Young Jury short award "Hilda Humprey",
directed by Nick Lyon.

Other awards include: Brad McGann's "Possum" for Best Short Film, Tom Tykwer
as Best Director and Alexander Manasse as Best Art Director for
"Wintersleepers", Best Actor to Lothaire Bluteau for "Bent", Best Actress to
Samantha Morton for "Under The Skin". A Special Jury Prize went to Harmony
Korine's "Gummo".