Chain Planned; and, Indies in the Air

Compiled by Eugene Hernandez

>> What is touted to be the largest film and TV studio outside of
Hollywood is set to be built in Brooklyn, N.Y. According to a press release
announcing the project, the new facitily, established by New York Studios
, will be a $160 million, 700,000-square-foot facility. The group
have signed a 70-year lease with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development
Corporation to devlop the studio. The site will be the a 15-acre site
at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The announcement of the New York Studios
development follows a recent announcement by the Shooting Gallery that
the company is developing a major studio facility in the New York area.

>> Alliance and Famous Players in Canada are teaming to create
nationwide "upscale arthouse theaters" on 60 to 75 screens at 12 to 15
different sites. The new chain is set to be called Alliace Cinemas.
According to a company press release, Alliance releases up to 75 films
each year fueled by pacts with leading U.S distributors including Miramax,
New Line and Artisan.

>> Northwest Airlines celebrates 51 years of flying to Japan, with films
exploring Japan and the Japanese-American experience to be presented
as part of its "Independents in Flight" program. Among the films that will
be available for screening on the airlines in-flight channel are: Ruth
Ozeki Lounsbury's "Halving the Bones", Rea Tajiri's "Strawberry Fields",
and John Antonelli's "Sumo Basho."