Mark Palansky & Peter Dinklage
Bumble Ward Mark Palansky & Peter Dinklage

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Director Mark Palansky needs your help. The filmmaker's newest project, already set to star Peter Dinklage, is calling for the public's help to properly tell the story of "Rememory." The film centers on Dinklage's character, Sam Boom, who tries to solve the murder of an inventor who created a machine that extracts and records memories in their so-called purest state. Julia Ormond, Anton Yelchin, Henry Ian Cusick and Martin Donovan will also star in the mystery thriller.

Today, Palanksy and his crew are calling on film lovers to submit their very own memories so that they may be used in "Rememory." Those interested in having their personal moments from back in the day incorporated into the film can submit short clips or audio recordings here

"Rememory" began filming in Vancouver, British Columbia back in January.

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