You may or not have been planning to improve your wine palate, but after watching your two favorite English actors bask in the beautiful Italian countryside, drink copious amounts of wine and charm viewers to death, we do think you might reconsider.

In this trailer for "The Wine Show," a new series from the British network ITV, we see actors Matthew Rhys ("The Americans") and Matthew Goode ("Downton Abbey") as they improve their limited knowledge of wine by trying some of the world’s very best selections. Self-professed wine amateurs at best, the two are, of course, not without a little help from some experts. The show promises to not only be swoon-worthy and entertaining, but also quite informative as we learn about the history behind international wineries, as well as the rich culture of wine itself. 

This is certainly not something we ever knew we needed, but needless to say, we’re in. The show premieres on ITV this spring with 13 hour-long episodes, and until it reaches American television screens, do enjoy the trailer above.

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