Ryan Mauskopf
Ryan Mauskopf
Ryan Mauskopf is a t-shirt graphic designer by day and and at night spends his time on his sketchpad and keyboard under his pseudonym, Professor Soap.  He brings his animated short, "Spirit Quest Journey" to this years festival.

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What it's about: 

If you look way down deep, Spirit Quest Journey is a simple story of camaraderie, acceptance, and going with the flow. But really it's just a bunch of colorful characters walking around on the moon to some sweet tunes.

On the challenges: "The toughest part was composing and recording the accompanying song. I knew I wanted a new character to appear when a new instrument began playing, so there was a lot of pressure to diversify each acoustic and visual element as much as possible. As long as you can see the finished project in your head, everything comes together eventually!"

What's next: "My next Professor Soap music video, which chronicles an astronaut's encounter with a strange swirling vortex in deep space, is nearly finished! Stay tuned for updates at www.ProfSoap.com, with free tracks available now at professorsoap.bandcamp.com"

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