Reuben Atlas
Reuben Atlas
Reuben Atlas previously worked at Legal Aid, a maximum security prison, and as an entertainment lawyer before he started making films. This year he brings "Brothers Hypnotic" to the festival.

What it's about:

Eight brothers, extraordinary musicians from Chicago’s roughest neighborhood, seek to uphold the legacy of their anti-establishment, jazz legend father in the face of worldwide success.

On the challenges: "Balancing the number of characters. Telling a story about eight brothers is tough enough, but adding to the mix their father, whose history is the history of Chicago music, and their super-dynamic mothers, was a big challenge. When celebrities like Prince, Mos Def, Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), and Sun Ra showed up in the story, we had to make them footnotes!"

What's next: "I'm directing with Sam Pollard a Sundance Institute and IDA supported documentary about the community-organizing group, ACORN, and finishing a short documentary about Karim Noack, who was my friend and dance teacher, before she passed away after a 16-year cancer battle. I’m also writing a fiction film about Rockaway Beach, NY, where my family is from."

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