Remy Busson
Remy Busson

Remy Brusson has been interested in animation since he was a kid. At 16 he started working in television production to hone his craft in motion design, production, and design, eventually taking his skills to Supinfocom to study animation. "Azul" was made with five other students at the university.

What it's about:
A small group of cruise-ship revelers find themselves alone on a tropical island. Forced inland, their exploration reveals the mystery that lies at its heart. It is an animation short mixing 2D and 3D. The characters are gradually discovering the mystery of the island. The landscapes are made by old boats mixed in the nature. This project was made in a team. We were six students making this graduation short in Supinfocom.

On the challenges: "On this project, I worked together with Sebastien Iglesias who had the original idea for the film. He has fantastic drawing skills and knew what he wanted for the project. I built up the scenario with him, and participated in the composition of the different shots. Then, the hardest part was to make the technical link to jump from a still illustration into a real full animated 3D sequence. I made a lot of development and followed the technical process to make the movie (using 3D camera mapping, 2D and 3D planes). To me, it was really challenging to keep this special drawing feeling while using such different mediums. Most of the time, I had to take a lot of time to create a 3D set that would keep the feeling of the drawing, witch sometimes didn't have real perspective or natural scales in the elements. Each shot had his own challenge, but the most important is what we see on the screen! Finally, I did all the compositing and 2D work in after effect. Another challenge was matching the 3D characters and the landscape's color together."

What's next: "Since my graduation in July 2012, I've already directed a new 3D animation project commissioned by the government and produced by Cube Computer company. It is a very different project meant to explain to young children how to properly act in the swimming pool (like, don't pee in the pool, and shampoo is super-cool...). I really had fun while doing this project, and I wish to continue directing short commercials or films. For the moment, I work as art director with some editors on some new enriched 3D animated eBook projects for tablets. In the future, I wish to work on new projects and take part on new projects abroad."

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