Casimir Nozkowski
Casimir Nozkowski
Casimir Nozkowski is a writer/director and the co-founder of the Internets Celebrities, an injustice-exposing documentary group. He also sits on Rooftop Films' board of directors. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, the AV Club, and on the Brian Lehrer Show, to name a few. Nozkowski's recent work includes the short, "Andrew Sarris: Critic in Focus" which premiered at the 2011 Telluride Film Festival and screened at MOMA in September 2012 and the short "Caffe Capri," which screened at the 2013 Brooklyn Film Festival. He also writes and produces promotion for "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad.


What it's about:

I collected comics when I was a kid. And I had a lot. When circumstances forced me to liquidate my collection, my only question was how. Ebay: too much trouble. Throwing them out: too sad. An epic stoop sale that I could film? Just right.

On the challenges: "I think the biggest challenge I had with making Childhood Sale was balancing my desire to have a legitimate, profitable stoop sale and filming it in a compelling, non-compromising manner. My girlfriend Hannah Bos - who shot the film - and who gave me excellent advice on pricing for stoop sales - I think did a great job filming in a non-intrusive manner. I was able to focus on selling the comics in a satisfying way and the filming never seemed to scare off any customers."

What's next: "I'm about to write and produce the on-air promotion for the final season of Breaking Bad on AMC and I've got two short docs that are in the final stages of post-production. One is on Hal Douglas - the legendary voice-over artist - and the other is on my childhood home on the lower east side. My parents had to move out last year and I documented the experience and space not just because it meant a lot to me but also because it's a truly unique building I'm scared is going to be torn down. It was a synagogue then a whiskey still then a shower curtain factory so it has a lot of good history to examine."

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