Reha Erdem
Reha Erdem
is an award winning Turkish film director and screenwriter; he studied at the Cinema Department of Paris 8 University. He will be introducing his later feature, "Jin", at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

What it's about:
"Jin" is something of a Red Riding Hood, a 17-year-old girl determined to live, aiming to cling to life and discover the world stuck between the turmoil and combats of two nations. She has chosen to rebel in order to live and the forest as her home…

What else should audiences know?: "Jin is a young Kurdish guerilla, she has spent all her life living in the mountains within an armed organization. The film deals with a very critical subject, the Kurdish matter is politically the most important social and civil issue in Turkey and the impact has grown within time. The conflicts between the Kurdish guerrillas and the military forces has been going on for over 30 years, and within these years there has been over 30.000 adolescents that have died battling for their social and cultural rights. We are hoping for this fight to end.  But besides the human lost and indemnities, as it is the same for every battle taken place around the world, those whom get harmed and destroyed the most are the elements in nature; the animals, the trees, all other leaving creatures… and they don’t have any way to protect themselves or even less to express themselves."

"Jin" still
"Jin" still

On the challenges: "For one thing it was a challenge to shoot at these locations, we were working in high mountains and in very deep forests, every day we had long trajectory in getting there were we couldn’t take the crew & equipment trucks. Everyone would be carrying something. On another hand we had a very small budget, because of the political content and criticism we couldn’t receive any local support, nor foreigner support as a matter of fact. That was a delicate matter."

What's next: "I have a new film which we shot last year, it is in post-prodution. It’s a Turkish-French-German coproduction; entitled “Singing Women."

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