Dinosaur 13

Todd Miller has been in the filmmaking business for over a decade, and his work in short-form has won several national and international awards. His films include "Gahanna Bill" (documentary) and "Scaring the Fish" (drama). "Dinosaur 13" centers on the battle over the possession of Sue, the most complete T-rex ever excavated. 

What it's about: "Dinosaur 13 is the true tale of one of the world's greatest discoveries."

What it's really about: "The human element inside the time and space of an unprecedented saga in American history."

Biggest Challenge: "Sifting through the endless material gathered over the course of two decades to arrive at the truth of what really happened."

Film inspiration: "Alan Pakula’s classic conspiracy trilogy films 'Klute', 'The Parallax View' and 'All the President’s Men' were huge influences for me." 

Cameras used: 5D and 7D. 

Hopes for Sundance audience take-away: "That understanding history, whether it's something that happened 20 years ago or 65 million years ago, gives us a better understanding of us as humans today, how we interact with each other, and the world around us."


What's next? We have two projects we're currently working on with similar themes to Dinosaur 13.

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