David Andalman and co-writer Mariko Munro are looking to accomplish something different with the coming-of-age genre. "Milkshake," their tale of 90s discovery and exploration, stars Tyler Ross and Shareeka Epps. Andalman told us about the duo's learning curve and what their low-key tale shares with Hollywood blockbusters.

What It's About: "The OJ trial, Mike Tyson, Tupac, Biggie, the Million Man March, Bill Clinton, Air Jordans, high school, teen pregnancy. Basically the American Dream from the point of view of a suburban white kid growing up in the 90s."

Now What It's REALLY About: "Shenanigans and buffoonery."

Biggest Challenge?: "The toughest part was the end credits. None of us knew how to use After Effects so we watched tons of YouTube tutorials online. All the people making these how-to videos are seriously like 9 years old. We felt like idiots. It's amazing."

What I Shot On: "The Red Epic. It's often used on big budget stuff like 'The Hobbit' and 'Pirates of the Caribean 4.' We thought it would be funny to use with our story about a bama who THINKS his life is epic."

What I Want Audiences To Remember: "Laughs hopefully. Ideally a reviewer will say 'finally a teen comedy with abortion.'"

Films Used for Inspiration: "In terms of a character who's whole goal is totally off the mark, 'Goodfellas' was like a bible for 'Milkshake.' Of course we're in a totally different genre"

In the Works: "I can't say too much because we don't want to jinx it. But we've got a few things cooking. One is about a boy who makes 'how to' videos in his mom's basement and posts them online. Could be fun to work in a boy who makes 'how to' videos in his mom's basement and posts them online."

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