Enid Zentelis
Enid Zentelis
Her first feature since 2004, director Enid Zentelis' film "Bottled Up" stars Melissa Leo and Josh Hamilton. She talks about the challenges of going through pre-production during and after having a baby.

What it's about:

A solitary woman (Melissa Leo) earning her living by delivering mail and body piercing, makes every attempt to help her volatile adult daughter (Marin Ireland) get on her feet, and in-so-doing neglects herself, channeling all of her womanly desires into her houseplants, even when a charismatic and industrious environmentalist (Josh Hamilton) moves in with them.

About the filmmaker: "Bottled Up" is my second feature as writer and director ("Evergreen" was my first). I've made short works on a variety of subjects including one on President Clinton's philanthropic work and one on the band Wilco. I have two children with my husband, Sean Fogarty, and I'm a first generation American, half Hungarian Jew and half Latvian.

What else do you want audiences to know about your film? It has amazing performances and though the subject matter is serious, the film is in part a dark comedy. Laugh! Or cry and laugh at the same time which pretty much sums up the making of this film.

I would also feel very gratified If this film helps to broaden the conversation about western medicine's approach to healing and pain management.

What was your biggest challenge in developing this project? Having a baby and nursing said baby coinciding with pre-production and production of this movie. This was also one of the most glorious aspects of making this film. I got to create in all senses of the word and feel as though I was living life as fully as it could possibly be lived.

What would you like Tribeca audiences to come away with after seeing your film? People have more strength than they know and denying your desires is not a life lived.

Did any specific films inspire you?

"Bottled Up"
Tribeca Film Festival "Bottled Up"

Nicolas Ray's" Bigger Than Life"
Mike Leigh's "Secrets and Lies" and "Happy Go Lucky"
Jane Campion's "Sweetie"

What do you have in the works?

I have written and hope to direct a couple original features:

"Needle at the Bottom of the Sea": A mystery about a bank investigator involved in a major money laundering case who strives to be the perfect employee no matter what befalls him.
This script is inspired by research into my father-in-law's former position as an internal investigator for HSBC bank.

"Evil Eye" : A comedy about a young girl who wants to grow up too fast and as a result is sent to live with her criminal grandmother on remote island.This script is inspired by the graphic novel, "American Born Chinese," along with my personal experiences living with my grandmother in a remote village in Corsica. I'm also developing a couple series ideas.

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