Jane Weinstock
Jane Weinstock
What it's about: "The Moment" is a psych thriller about a war photographer who thinks she killed her ex, until clues lead to the last place she would ever expect.

About the filmmaker:

I started out studying film theory and history in graduate school at NYU. I was especially interested in experimental film, and during that time I co-wrote and co-directed an experimental film, SIGMUND FREUD'S DORA. I made a few other shorts, including THE CLEAN UP, which showed at Toronto, Sundance and Venice and opened theatrically with a feature. My first feature, EASY, a dramedy about a young woman's struggle with sex and love, showed at Toronto and Sundance and was released theatrically.

What else do you want audiences to know? I have a great cast - Jennifer Jason Leigh stars with Martin Henderson, Alia Shawkat, Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Meal Loaf.

What was your biggest challenge? Financing. We were ready to go when the economy collapsed and so did our financing.

What would you like Tribeca audiences to come away with after seeing your film? I'd like people to be discussing/debating the ambiguous ending of the film. I'd also like people to think about the main character's struggle to pursue her career and simultaneously be a good mother.

Did any specific films inspire you? Hitchcock inspires me. Cassavetes, too.

What do you have in the works? I'm writing a film that takes place in 1970 about the Sexual Revolution.

"The Moment"
Tribeca "The Moment"

Where did you learn how to make films? I first learned to make films by taking a filmmaking class in which I made a short film. I also worked on other people's films. After making a couple of shorts, I attended the Sundance Director's Lab, which was a fantastic learning experience. There I worked with Joan Tewkesbury, Sam Waterston and other filmmakers and actors.

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