Paul Rudd,Paul Giamatti, Almost Christmas
What it's about: A man is released from prison in Quebec and is not accepted in his own family.  He goes to New York City to sell Christmas trees with the man who has usurped his family life.

About the filmmaker: I grew up in North Carolina and moved to NY to go to college in 1985. I made the movie "Junebug," which came out in 2005.

What else do you want audiences to know? It stars Paul Giamatti, Paul Rudd, Sally Hawkins, and Amy Landecker. It was written by Melissa James Gibson. The producers were Luca Borghese Daniel Carey, Elizabeth Giamatti, Mike Hogan, Sidney Kimmel, Louise Lovegrove, John Penotti, and Jim Tauber. The DP was Mott Hupfel. It was edited by Jeff Buchanan. The Production Designer was Mary Frederickson. Costumes were by Ciera Wells. The score is by Graham Reynolds.

What do you have in the works? Nothing in the works. I worked for a long time with the producer and writer of "Junebug" trying to make a movie of Turgenev's "Fathers and Sons," but it has never come to fruition. We thought we were close at one point.

Where did you learn how to make films? Any mentors? I went to NYU, in the film department. No real direct, specific mentors. Jonathan Demme was someone whose movies made me feel like I would like to do that too.

What did you edit on? Final Cut

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