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Meet Thundershorts Creators: 'Gabe & Max Need Help' Creator Max Silvestri is Easily Distracted and Demands Attention

Photo of Brandon Latham By Brandon Latham | Indiewire August 1, 2014 at 2:57PM

As part of a series introducing you to the creators of comedy miniseries featured on the new streaming service Thundershorts, a division of SnagFilms, here we meet Max Silvestri, whose semi-autobiographical comedy series "Gabe & Max Need Help" is Streaming Now.
Max Silvestri
Max Silvestri

For years, New York-based comedian Max Silvestri has been creating videos surrounding the characters Gabe and Max, based loosely on versions of his friend and co-star Gabe and himself. Now, with the launch of SnagFilms's new comedy streaming platform Thundershorts, Gabe and Max have a new home. "Gabe & Max Need Help" stars Silvestri, Gabe Delahaye, and Kumail Nanjiani. In his own words, here is what lead to Silvestri's success in the internet video world. Below, you can find the episodes of "Gabe & Max Need Help" from Thundershorts.

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Tell us about yourself! How did you get started in comedy?

I've been a comedian and actor and writer in New York for 8 years. I do a lot of different things because I'm easily distracted and hate working hard at any one thing for too long. I got into comedy because I'm an only child and I demand attention at all times.

What inspired your online series?

I've made videos with my best friend Gabe Delahaye for years, and the characters "Gabe" and "Max" we play have always been twisted versions of our real selves, and we thought it'd be very fun to put these reflections into therapy, and work out our "real" issues in character. Friends being in therapy together is a funny idea. Also getting to play off a third comedic actor, especially one as great as Kumail, is the best.

What's they key to getting noticed online?

Clumsy electronic communication with prostitutes. Virulent racism. Changing the words of a popular song to be about current events.

What separates online short form comedy from longer form TV/film comedy? Advantages/disadvantages?

Online shorts are great because you can pack in jokes at a breakneck pace without having to worry about exhausting your audience. Very few creative things earn being 22 minutes long, and 3-5 minutes is a good amount of time for comedy. A disadvantage is how there's no money and no one cares about it.

What advice do you have for people who want to succeed in the online comedy market?

Quit! Everyone will miss you and beg you to come back.

What IS funny to you?


Watch all four episodes of "Gabe & Max Need Help" below:

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