The Miami International Film Festival will host its fourth year of its Miami Encuentros program, which gives emerging producers from Spain and Latin America the opportunity to present new projects to U.S. industry professionals, including producers, sales agents, television stations and distributors. This year, the Miami International Film Festival and Miami Encuentros director Diana Sanchez have chosen nine filmmakers to participate in Encuentros. The projects include: "Angels Still Come to the Suburbs" by Gabriel Velazquez (Spain); "Bad Day to Go Fishing" by Alvaro Brechner (Uruguay); "Fraternal Love" by Lais Bodanzky (Brazil); "How Far Are You Going" by Tania Hermida (Ecuador); "Niebla" by Francisca Schweitzer (Chile); "The Salted Earth" by Rene Simon Cruz Jr. (USA); "Saudo" by Diego F. Ramirez (Colombia); "Septembers" by Carles Bosch (Spain); "The Watercolorist" by Daniel Rodriguez (Peru). The Miami International Film Festival opens March 3rd with "Heartlift" and continues through March 12th. [Brian Brooks]