In March of 2006, the Miami International Film Festival will launch a new program, "MIFF Abroad," which will celebrate the filmmaking of one Latin American country each year, starting with Chile at this year's festival. MIFF Abroad will consist of two components. The first, held in Miami at the 2006 festival in March, will exhibit the work of Chilean filmmakers to US audiences, press, film critics, and industry professionals. The second, held in April, will support Chilean filmmakers' development and production process by bringing to Santiago a group of film industry advisors (producers, marketing executives, filmmakers, critics, etc). Seven Chilean films will take part in the festival, which runs March 3-12, including: "El Rey de San Gregorio (Alfonso Gazitua); "En la Cama" (Matias Bize); "Fuga" (Pablo Larrian); "La Sagrada Familia" (Sebastian Campos); "Parentesis" (Francisca Schweitzer and Pablo Solis); "Pretendiendo" (Claudio Dabed); and "Play" (Alicia Scherson). MIFF director Nicole Guillemet made the announcement Tuesday. [Brian Brooks]