Miramax Signs First Look Deal With "Shall We Dance" Team

by Mary Sampson

Miramax Films has entered into a first look deal with
director Masayuki Suo, producer Shoji Masui and Altamira
, whose "Shall We Dance" is opening around the country
to box office and critical success.

"Shall We Dance" recorded a gross of $88,106 on five screens
in New York and Los Angeles over the weekend of July 11 -
13. That represents one of the biggest openings ever for a
foreign language film, surpassing the opening weekend
grosses of "Like Water For Chocolate", "Cinema Paradiso", and
"The Postman". To date, the film has grossed over $525,000
in limited release.

Commenting on the first look deal with the creative team
behind "Shall We Dance?," Harvey Weinstein noted, "The movie
truly is universal, and "Shall We Dance?" and our future
projects with Masayuki, Shoji and Altamira represent a great
continuation of Miramax's commitment to foreign language

The deal was negotiated on behalf of Miramax by Andrew
Herwitz, Senior Vice President. Tomohiro Tohyama, of
TMI Associates represented Suo, Masui and Altamira Pictures.