Two-Bit Waltz Clara Mamet
Courtesy of "Two-Bit Waltz" Facebook Page Still from set of Clara Mamet's "Two-Bit Waltz"

"Two-Bit Waltz," an indie comedy written and directed by Clara Mamet, daughter of acclaimed writer David Mamet and actress Rebecca Pidgeon, has been picked up by Monterey Media for distribution in the United States and Canada.

Mamet stars as a despondent young woman named Maude. Following the death of her beloved grandmother, Maude is informed that she will receive a large sum of money from her grandmother's estate -- as long as she finishes her education. A depressed Maude must shore up enough courage in order to not only carry out her grandmother's last wishes and learn how to move forward in life. Produced by Eric B. Fleischman, Mamet's mother co-stars, along with William H. Macy, Jared Gilman and David Paymer.

"Two-Bit Waltz" screened at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Monterey Media is eyeing an autumn release.